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Windows 7 SP1: coming soon to a PC near you?

Even though Microsoft has been doing a very good job keeping quiet about any upcoming service packs for its new Windows 7 operating system, it seems that leaks just keep slipping out of the Redmond giant. But the bigger question is, when will the expected service pack reach beta or mainstream status?

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Ever since Windows 2000 introduced Service Pack updates, it has become almost a given that every subsequent operating system released by Microsoft will be extended the same treatment: today, many have started to hold off regularly updating their Windows PCs in favour of the service pack, which combines all previously released updates from Microsoft into a single ‘super patch’ for added convinience.

And it seems that even though Windows 7 has barely reached 6 months into its life, Microsoft has been hard at work on the first of such service packs for its latest and most popular operating system, with Softpedia claiming from a third-party source that that work on SP1 for Windows 7 has been ongoing since early January, with a total of no less than 35 builds compiled by the Redmond giant. It also claims that according to Russian website Wzor (which was password-locked when we accessed it), Windows 7 SP1 is still in pre-beta status and will remain as such for at least another month and half.

According to Softpedia, 2 builds of Windows 7 SP1 “were reportedly produced” by Microsoft this month and bear the build numbers 7601.16517.100301-1718 and 7601.16518.100302-1530, both of which “belong to the winmain_sp branch”.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more about the yet-to-come SP1 for Windows 7 except for the build number and the speculated beta release date (which is soon approaching), so check back for updates.

Source: Softpedia

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