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Windows 7 Family Pack To Be Re-Released For Retail

In a country where most people usually work their entire life to make ends meet, killer deals and bargains are always highly sought after. And being able to get three legitimate Windows 7 licenses at a price comparable to a singer-user license is definitely one of such deals, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to re-introduce the Windows 7 Family Pack for sale.

Early adopters of Microsoft’s Windows 7 may have heard of the Windows 7 Family Pack, which is a special offer from Microsoft that allows a user to purchase up to three licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium at a price comparable to that of a single such license.

Needless to say, the Family Pack bundle was a hit, except for one single issue: the bundle never found its way to the Singapore market.

However, it seems that the software maker has had a change of heart in the 10 months since it killed off the Family Pack bundle. Starting today, the Family Pack bundle has been re-introduced to the US market at the same low price, but what really seals the deal is that Microsoft has also announced its plans to extend the Family Pack’s availability beyond the US market.

This means that Windows users from most other countries around the world will also get a chance to grab a copy of the Windows 7 Family Pack, subject to one caveat. While the US market will already have copies available for sale today, all other countries will have to wait until October 22 for their copies to arrive. And yes, Singapore is finally on that list.

But even then, the global availability of the Windows 7 Family Pack does not mean that huge quantities of the package will be available for retail. Just like it had previously done with the first batch of Windows 7 Family Pack bundles, Microsoft will only be releasing the bundle in limited quantities, and has informed potential customers that the offer will only be valid while stocks last.

No information regarding a local price for the Windows 7 Family Pack has been released, although is highly possible that it should carry a price-tag close to that of the single-user license for Windows 7 Home Premium.

Source: CNet News, The Windows Blog, Microsoft Store

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