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‘YouTube Nation’ by DreamWorks will end many vloggers’ careers?

Will YouTube’s collaboration with DreamWorks screw over many popular vloggers?  YouTube Nation is Google’s next project, and with the backings of DreamWorks Animation, it’s a sure fire for viewers, but what about content creator?


YouTube, the most popular VoD site on the planet, is taking yet another step away from user-generated content.  The Google-owned website and DreamWorks Animation have announced that they will partner to produce YouTube Nation, a daily segment that highlights the most interesting videos on YouTube.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks’ Chief Executive, pitched the idea to YouTube last year, but the proposal was shelved until early this year.

“I proposed to them the idea that we create for them what would be a daily lighthouse that would be for users like myself,” Katzenberg told the LATimes.  “I said to them, I love the things they are doing with YouTube in terms of building out the platform and encouraging user generated content.  But as user, I felt the one thing that was very challenging is… there’s hundreds of hours of programming being uploaded every minute.  It’s inconsumable and unnavigable, as a user, it was getting harder and harder for me to know what I should be watching.”

As Katzenberg already noted in his statement, YouTube is, in his opinion, still untapped as a content platform.  Hours upon hours of user-generated videos are uploaded every day, but even the most interesting and views-worthy content may not get the exposure they deserve.  In essence, DreamWorks wants to catch these viral videos before other ‘small-timers’ can get a hold of them.

There’s no doubt that YouTube Nation will not lack qualitatively, but one has to question whether or not the DreamWorks-produced segment will cannibalize vloggers with similar content ideas.  Highlight reels produced by bedroom vloggers are among some of the highest viewed content on YouTube, and so we’ll have to wait and see if YouTube Nation will completely wipe away the small fry.

Content generator and YouTube have been at each other’s throat as of late due to copyright complaints from the entertainment industry.  Video game vlogs, in particular, seem to be hit the hardest by the recent crackdown on copyrighted material, and the advent of YouTube Nation may only contribute to the decline in “user-generated” content.

YouTube Nation is a highly curated segment hosted by Jacob Soboroff, and will debut on Tuesday at 6 p.m.  DreamWorks and Google will share ads revenue generated by YouTube Nation.

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