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Will the iPhone 7 have a 21MP Camera Whilst the iPhone 7 Plus Get 2 12MP Cameras?

Rumours have been flying around about the latest iPhone 7 which will be released soon. The camera quality and not to mention quantity has been in the spotlight.

With the slew of Android phones with high-resolution cameras popping up in the market, Apple needs to step up its camera game in order to match the competition.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 showed us an incredibly powerful phase-detection device. The Huawei P9 showed us dual-cameras. Asus latest ZenFone 3 Deluxe is also going to be armed with 21MP Sony cameras that are laced with all 3 types of autofocus, Phase Detection, Laser AF and Contrast Detection.

Credits: MacWorld

The iPhone according to MobiPicker, will patch its competition by bringing out a 21MP camera for the default iPhone 7 and 2x 12MP cameras for the iPhone 7 Plus.

What is the reason for this discrepancy? We aren’t particularly sure yet, but it might be for variety and personal preference to separate the 2 devices beyond just screen size.

Should these rumours hold true, will you prefer the single, more detailed iPhone 7 or the dual-eyed iPhone 7 Plus?

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