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Wii U hits Japan December 8, available in “basic” and “premium” configurations

Nintendo has just announced the Wii U gaming console's price and availability details for Japan in a Nintendo Direct online broadcast moments ago.

Wii U console

Nintendo's Wii U games console will be released in Japan December 8, available in two configurations: a white "basic set" (26,250 yen including tax, approximately US$338), and a black "premium set" (31,500 yen, or US$406).

Both SKUs will include the Wii U console, one Wii U GamePad, an AC adaptor for the console, another separate AC adaptor for the GamePad, and an HDMI cable.

The black premium set, however, will also include three additional accessories: a charge and play stand for the GamePad, a second GamePad "play stand" that won't charge, and a vertical stand for the Wii U console.

Nintendo Network online store

Interestingly, the white basic set will only come with 8GB of internal storage, whereas the premium unit is loaded with 32GB.

Part of the reason for that is because Nintendo anticipates that gamers who pick the premium set over the basic one will likely purchase a slew of downloadable content from the Nintendo Network digital store.

As such, Nintendo is offering premium set owners a 10% discount on all digital content purchased from its online Wii U store, as well as 500 points (amounting to 500 yen) to start with, redeemable through a pre-paid code included with the package.

The 10% discount will be valid until the end of December, 2014.


Neither SKU includes the Wii sensor bar, and remote or nunchuk controllers; these will be sold separately. Alternatively, existing Wii owners can also use what they already have on the Wii U.

Here's a list of Wii U compatible accessories, and the price they are expected to sell for at retail in Japan (images at the end of this story):

  • Wii U Gamepad – 13,440 yen (~US$173)
  • Wii U Gamepad charging stand + play stand – 1,890 yen (~US$24)
  • Wii U console stand (black) – 315 yen (~US$4)
  • Wii U PRO controller – 5,040 yen (~US$65)
  • Wii U remote controller plus – 3,800 yen (~US$49)
  • Nunchuk controller – 1,800 yen (~US$23)


Outside of the console announcements, Nintendo also revealed that Wii U games will be sold both at retail and digitally through its Nintendo Network store.

Two launch titles were mentioned: New Super Mario Bros. U will go for 5,985 yen at retail, while Nintendo Land's suggested retail price is 4,935 yen. Digital copies of each title will be sold for 5,700 yen and 4,700 yen respectively.

But what about US and Europe prices? Will the Wii U launch in these territories on December 8 too?

We don't know yet. Two other Nintendo Direct broadcasts later today will reveal the price and availability details for the Wii U console, games and accessories later today.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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