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White Nexus 4 appears again, this time in press shots

Android Police has released press shots of the often-rumored white Nexus 4. Could this be a sign that the release is near?

Leading up to Google’s I/O event a short while ago, there were a couple leaks of a Nexus 4 sporting a new white casing but Google didn’t announce any such product during their keynote. Since then, it has shown up a few more times but never looking as official as it does right now.

What you’re looking at above are press photos of the Nexus 4 in white that were posted by Android Police. If you had any doubts that the product was real in the past, you can officially disabuse yourself of that notion, because these look as real as they come.

The one question that remains is when we could expect the device and whether or not there are any internal differences from the current black models. AndroidAndMe was first to post a rumor suggesting a possible release date of June 10 for the device, which is also the time they say that Android 4.3 would release.

As for the internals, Android Police is reporting that that the person who provided them with the press shots is also saying that there will be no difference in specs.  If you were hoping for more memory, it doesn’t look like you’ll be in luck with this one. There was also no word on the possible release date of Android 4.3, so the date of June 10th remains up in the air.

I think at this point it would be fair to assume that it won’t be too long before this smartphone shows its face in an official capacity. Until then, we continue waiting. And yes, I’m fully aware that the front is black and the back is white and that’s completely odd, but what can you do.

Source: Android Police

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