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When Is Windows Phone 7 Going To Be Launched In Singapore?

Windows Phone 7

Various online sources have speculated that Windows Phone 7 will be launched on either 21 October or 8 November. But where does that leave the local Singapore launch of Microsoft’s latest smartphone OS? We at VR-Zone share our insights on what would be a possible date for the local release of Windows Phone 7.

Before we go into when we think the Windows Phone 7 is going to be launched, let us clarify on the subject of “launch”. For us in the media industry, we get invites to media launches whereby companies announce when their new products will be retailing, and the pricing (if available). This is not to be confused with product retail launch, whereby the product is made available in stores. To make it simpler, media launch is like an announcement to the media about the actual product retail launch.

Firstly, there is no word on the media launch for the Windows Phone 7 yet, but looking at our calendar, it won’t be this week as its still September till Thursday. As for next week, Microsoft has a media launch on Friday, 8 October, and its very unlikely the company will have two major announcements on the same week. And if 21 October is the rumored online date (which is probably referring to product retail launch), it means that the media launch for Windows Phone 7 could only be on one of the days on the 11 to 15 October week!

So when is the product retail launch in Singapore? In order to get more sales for the new phones, it is common for companies to have the product retail launch on the weekend i.e. Saturday. If the media launch is happening somewhere on 11 to 15 October, it could either happen on that weekend 18 October, or next weekend 23 October. But of course, we won’t rule out 21 October as the announced date since it could also be a global announcement.

Regardless, this is still our speculation. But one thing for sure, the new Windows Phone 7 is coming and its going to be a lot different than the previous Windows phones.

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