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Whatsapp making more money from Android than iOS in certain markets


Whatsapp is the world’s most popular messaging service. In recent times, its revenue stream shows very interesting developments, with the app actually earning more via Google Play Store than its famous rival Apple iTunes Store.

As every month passes by and more Android devices are launched worldwide, Google’s Play Store revenue continues to climb, changing the revenue share with iOS to a 27-73% split. Interesting fact, only a year ago those statistics were 19-81% split. Of course, we are still a few years away from a 50-50 split, perhaps Play Store will overtake iOS app revenues some day in the near future. Then again, in certain mobile markets, Google has already managed to catch up with Apple.

App revenue charts

Coming back to the topic, Whatsapp, is one of the more interesting apps with rather fascinating revenue stats. In the US, Whatsapp made $335,000 from Apple iTunes store in contrast to the (somewhat lackluster) $41,000 from Google Play Store. This trend somewhat reverses in the European market, where the same app earned $290,000 in Germany from Play Store, with just $207,000 from the iTunes store in the same market. This situation only goes uphill for Google in Spain with Whatsapp pulling in 90% of its revenue from Play Store. Yet another interesting note, Whatsapp earns as much from Germany alone (combining Play Store and iTunes store) than its entire revenue from the US. That’s something you don’t see everyday.

These statistics give us some really enlightening insight into the App market revenue shares of various regions. They also show us that apps (such as Whatsapp, for example) are actually earning more from Play Store in certain regions like Europe. These results should hardly affect you right now, but when app makers start weighing in revenue numbers and prioritizing their multi-platform apps, it will come to affect you one way or the other depending on the platform your device runs on (of course, nothing will change overnight).

Source: BGR

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