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WhatsApp for iOS 7 has finally been released

WhatsApp for iOS 7 has finally been released, the updated app brings a revamped design as well as new features and tweaks.


The app’s release has come weeks after a video was posted online showing off a leaked version of WhatsApp for iOS 7. However, there are quite a few differences between the final release and the one seen in the video, which means it is likely that the leaked version might have only been an early build, As previously mentioned, WhatsApp for iOS 7 comes with a new design that’s in conformity with that of iOS 7. Ever since Apple released iOS 7 a couple of months back, a lot of apps have been updated for design parity purposes. WhatsApp users were quite vocal about the fact that it took the service this long to release its iOS 7 app, now they can finally rejoice.

The app also comes with a broadcast message feature, which basically allows users to send a single message to a specific list thus making it easier for them to reach specific people such as colleagues, friends, family if one single message has to be sent to that list. The size of image thumbnails has been increased and WhatsApp for iOS 7 comes with new notification sounds and the ability to crop images before sharing them.

WhatsApp for iOS 7 is free for download from the App Store.

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