We are now into the second day of the World Cyber Games tournament, and this day promises to be more exciting than the previous, as the first leg of the Asian Championships begins today.

Read on to find out more.

Having won the match against team Tempest yesterday, Aeonsport’s first opponent in the Asian Championships is none other than team Shadow Play from Bangladesh. However, those who may have been hoping for a knuckle-clenching, on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of match similar to that played between Aeonstrike and Tempest would probably be disappointed in today’s match.

Instead, spectators were treated to a complete demolishing of Shadow Play by Aeonsport: not only did Shadow Play lack the momentum to keep up with Aeonsport’s coordinated attack waves, they were completely unable to mount a proper offensive at all due to Aeonsport’s continous barrage forcing them to do little more but defend themselves throughout tne entire game.

While Shadow Play did manage to fend off the aggresive Aeonsport for a period of time, their defense lines slowly but surely crumbled under Aeonsport’s attack, and the match was over in all of 30 minutes, with Aeonsport netting Triple Kills and even Beyond Godlike status in the process.

Again, full match videos will be shown here once processing is completed.