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Watercooling Kits From Evercool, Nighthawk & Titan

Checking Out The Evercool

The Evercool Water Cooler arrived in a cool blue box, which happens to be rather wordy in its attempt to explain everything from the outside.

You can see some of the highlights on the packaging itself. Here are some examples:

You can pack your PC full of Evercool watercooling accessories.

Some highlights to differentiate this product form the others.

Some of the aforementioned products.

Cross compatibility is ensured here. You can basically use this kit with any desktop PC since the Socket 370 era, bar the occasional Xeon.

We couldn’t resist ripping the package apart so here is how it looked like minutes after it entered our office.

A good number of items fell out of the box so we took a picture of the reunion when we picked up the pieces all over the floor.

The manual, in multiple languages.

The tubes appear to be silicone rubber stuff. It refuses to kink under normal bends and is generally soft and sturdy. One of them even comes with a flow indicator to show that the pump is running. Cool.

The CPU waterblock is a copper one, with a pretty chromed cover. The barbs are screw-on, fitting the rest of the system.

Our unit appeared to have been used (a review sample constantly being passed around?) and we got a shock of our lives when we flipped the CPU waterblock over. An awfully tarnished base!

Hoping to see what is beneath the hood, we removed the 4 screws holding the chromed coverplate. We were disappointed not to find ourselves lost in a maze. The base is held to the rest of the block via what appears to be polyurethane adhesive.

Here is how things looks like with the CPU waterblock cooling an LGA Prescott on a Sapphire motherboard.

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