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WaterChill GPU & NB Cooling Kit

The blocks have essentially the same principles behind the CPU waterblock we reviewed previously. They both sport a low flow resistance design to keep the flow rates up. The interior of both the GPU and Chipset blocks are identical, with the exterior only differing due to the mounting for the different standards. The base of the blocks are protected =). And I’m happy to say that they were flat and smooth.

Kudos to Asetek, though, for their GPU block is one of the most versatile blocks in the market. It’s able to be attached to graphics cards as far back as the Geforce2! In this review, we’ve plonked it onto a Hercules 9700 Pro and compared it to the stock copper cooler for overclocks—I mean there’s not much point in watercooling the GPU otherwise right? =)

For the Chipset waterblock, we’ve elected to test it on the Intel platform simply for the lack of documentation. The Chipset blocks on the market aren’t friendly to Intel platforms as these boards typically do not have the mounting holes found on the AMD equivalents. Nevertheless, it is possible and, would definitely benefit the newer Dual Channel boards such as the i865/875. Asetek has actually come up with its own mounting recommendations here. However, we find this method to be slightly dangerous in that it has a higher probability of uneven pressure resulting in the user “chipping” the chipset (no pun intended). For our solution, we still retain the use of the Zip ties. In addition, we also require the bundled attachment accessories such as the plastic washers, screws, springs, and nuts. All of this is made possible by the elongated holes found on the Chipset block itself. Good thinking Asetek.

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