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Water-cooling DIY in Singapore

A guide to fixing up a custom water-cooling rig in Singapore.

Custom building a watercooling rig in Sinagpore

Watercooling is gaining popularity world wide not just among the hobbyists
but also among the pragmatists due to the high heat output of modern processors.
Its main draws are silence, good performance and affordability.

It may come as a surprise to those new to water-cooling but custom-making your
own water-cooling setup can actually give very good perofrmance, sometimes even
better than the kits that the watercooling companies put out.

There are two camps when it comes to custom-built watercooling set ups. One
camp mixes and matches components readily available from the watercooling market.
For example, you can build up a rig consisting of a DangerDen RBX Waterblock,
a MCP 600 pump from Swiftech and a Silverstorm 120 radiator from Silverprop.
This is very similar to DIYing a PC setup instead of going for a whole kit.

The other side would be to expand one’s options beyond these solutions offered
by the PC watercooling companies and source for or make your own components.
Many people go down this road to cut back on costs as you can save quite a fair
bit this way, sometimes up to $ 200. Some people do it for the challenge and
the involvement. I know I did it for both reasons.

This is a guide that should be relevant to the Singaporeans who want to try
their hands at making a water-cooling rig themselves.

Let us run through the components we need to source for or make:




Reservoir (Optional)


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