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Watch out Nokia, the next iPhone might have a beefier camera

A component leak of what may be a part of the next iPhone is indicating that Apple might plan on beefing up the device’s camera.

The part, which was found via nowhereelse, looks similar to that of the iPhone 5’s, but some key differences are hinting at a revised camera module.  At the far end of the board, we can see that the camera connections are now stitched together to form a single piece, whereas, in the iPhone 5 the part was composed of two ribbons.

A change in material and connection method don’t mean that Apple is going the same route as Nokia’s ‘smartphone with an extremely good camera’ pitch, but what it does mean is we might see some design changes and possibly a better camera.

Various reports have indicated that there might not be an iPhone 5S. Instead, Apple may go straight to an iPhone 6.  Competitors in the Android space have dropped some heavy artillery into the smartphone coliseum lately, and an iPhone 5S will hurt Apple’s image, therefore, sales.  The ‘incremental’ upgrades of the ‘S’ strategy probably won’t work for Apple anymore.  So be it a heftier camera or a bigger screen, Apple has to prove that its products are still worth the money and attention.

Via: appleinsider

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