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Want an ‘iPhone 5’? It’s selling for 7230 yuan

This is probably as self-explanatory as it can get, but hey, it still makes for interesting reading material once in awhile. Apparently, a certain unreleased smartphone has been spotted for sale on a Chinese online store known as Taobao at a very interesting price. With ‘leaks’ such as this, who needs to wait for Apple anymore?

As you will have probably known by now, we usually start our articles with a short write-up or teaser of what to expect in order to build up that bit of anticipation. But with a headline like this and a picture that all but gives the story away right from the get-go, we figured that we’d skip the intro and go straight to the crux of the story.

Simply put, some anonymous seller from China apparently thought that it would be fun to rattle the Apple fanboys by putting up a pristine ‘iPhone 5’ smartphone for sale on a popular online Chinese shopping portal known as Taobao. And based on the product image shown on the site, we have to admit that the seller has clearly done some homework: at the very least, the phone actually looks different enough from an iPhone 4 to warrant a closer look.

At first glace, it appears that the rumours about a button-less iPhone were well founded. For one, the product image shown on Taobao reveals that the side buttons that were present in earlier versions of the iPhone have all but vanished. Furthermore, a closer look at the ‘iPhone 5’ reveals that the black border that separates the display from the bezel has been greatly minimized, thus giving the device a ‘borderless’ look as shown in the image below.

While we are not sure how this seller has managed to acquire an ‘iPhone 5’ to sell online, it goes without saying that this smartphone is not going to be the most affordable device out there. As stated in our headline, the ‘iPhone 5’ will set you back by a cool 7230 yuan (or approximately US$1100), so here’s hoping that you have enough money in the bank to fund your next smartphone purchase.

Source: Taobao

PS: If it was not obvious enough, the VR-Zone staff is not buying the story that this ‘iPhone 5’ is the real deal. VR-Zone encourages readers to exercise discretion to avoid falling victim to scams.

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