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Walkabout in SLS (18-3-2006)

Another of such mid-range 7600GT card to hit our sunny Singapore shores
would be the XFX Geforce 7600GT XXX Edition (PV-T73G-UDD) . This is not
your usual 7600GT as it sports higher-then-normal clock speeds. It comes in a very sleek
and eye catching ‘X’ shaped packaging. Instead of the standard 560MHz/700MHz
clocks, this XXX Edition comes with pre-overclocked speed of 590MHz
core and 800MHz (1600MHz DDR) memory. Of course, such a premium product like this commands a premium price tag – Cybermind carries it and it goes for a
whopping $ 519.


Instead of the usual rectangular packaging, XFX chooses to be
bold, and distinguishes itself from the rest by their ‘X’ shaped packaging.


The back of the packaging is equally appealing as well. I
reckon only XFX has packaging with a clear window showing the actual card


Here it is, XFX’s Geforce 7600GT XXX Edition. The XFX’s emblem
on the heatsink happens to be one of the prettiest we’ve seen so far and this
happens to be XFX’s tradition all along.


Like the rest of the 7600GTs we’ve found, this XFX card comes
with dual DVI outputs and the standard TV Out.


Like wise, copper folded fins for the heatsink on this XFX


Although the XFX 7600GT XXX Edition features a higher 800MHz
(1600MHz) memory clock, it’s still using the usual Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 memory
as we can see here.



Although the XFX 7600GT XXX Edition bears exact resemblance to
all other 7600GTs in the market, the sleek XFX emblem on the heatsink is worth
that 2nd look.


This is how the XFX card looks like when flipped over. No
difference from the rest of the crowd still.



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