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Wacom introduces 2nd generation Bamboo tablets in Singapore, include Multitouch

Singapore – September 24, 2009 – Wacom today announces the latest step in its brand development with the launch of Bamboo second generation – the company’s first interactive tablet that merges multi-touch functionality with pen tablet technology in a single device. With Bamboo, Wacom addresses new consumers by enabling direct access and easy interaction with digital content.

In addition, the introduction of multi-touch illustrates the company’s transition from market leader in specialist pen tablets to the leading interface organisation. Positioning Wacom among the technology market leaders, Bamboo second generation enables users to interact with computers in an intuitive and more natural way, using pen and touch input. Consumers are now looking for integrated digital lifestyle products that are multifunctional and technically advanced, yet simple to operate. Recent advancements in the market have opened up new ways for end users to interact with digital content. In particular, Apple’s introduction of the iPhone offers a new user interface concept with a new level of interactivity, while Microsoft’s Windows 7 will also provide multi-touch technology.

Wacom’s vision for over 25 years has been to make technology more human, natural and intuitive. Today, this mission fits in with consumers’ desire for a digital lifestyle. The company is committed to developing customer focused interface solutions and will continue to introduce technology for a wide range of system platforms such as mobile and desktop PC.

Masahiko Yamada, President of Wacom, says: “We understand touch and pen not only as another technology competing with other interface solutions, but as a first step into a new scenario of PC, IT and digital lifestyle devices making life more simple and human and supporting the creativity and personality of the user. With the launch of new user interface devices and the building of industry standards that provide leading edge technologies, we expect Wacom to become a mass-market solution provider.

“The characteristics that make us human will continue to manifest in our relationship with technology. Whether technology helps us in attaining what we desire in our lives or not, there is no doubt that it affects the way in which we pursue our goals and inspirations. However, we need to consider these human values against the major transformations taking place. Our relationship with computers has altered dramatically.”

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