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VR-Zone Wins in Singapore

…and the winner is

The Intel and Ogilvy folks went off to tally the scores. Some decided to have another go at Crysis. It was a lot of fun and I waited until, Elvin Ong from Intel got our attention to announce the winner. The winner is…Chester from VR-Zone. ?Huh!?! "Are you sure?", I queried. I thought they were pulling my leg but they assured me it was really so.

So, here I write a little story about the Intel Asia Gaming Showdown and it is about myself as well coming out the winner.

My prizes included a nice trophy and each of the titles played – Fifa’08, Need For Speed: Pro Street and Crysis.

Having the three titles from Electronic Arts gives me the opportunity to practice a bit since I heard there is a playoff against the other countries (Thailand, Malaysia, India, Phillipines, Korea and Vietnam) in Hong Kong. Only the top three countries will go for the playoff at Electronic Arts’ EA Experience at the Peak Tower in Hong Kong on 16 October.

I’m sure there are many better players from Thailand and especially Korea because the focus was to get Media from the gaming community. VR-Zone is not a gaming community sight so the other publications should have an upper hand playing games day-in day-out. VR-Zone is more into benchmarking and testing so count me as an amateur gamer.

I am thankful to Intel and EA for giving Media the opportunity to slug it out like the professionals at WCG.

The parting group shot




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