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VR-Zone Wins in Singapore

VR-Zone comes out the winner from the Media and Amateur gamers invited to Intel’s Asia Gaming Playoff in Singapore at the Geek Terminal.

The Battleground

Intel invited us to go head-to-head against other media and amateur gamers on Thursday, 25 September at the Geek Terminal. I faced off against 7 other competitors, all of which I did not know but that did not matter. I was out there to have some fun and to see just how well I could stand up to the younger gamers who have amazing finger reflexes when it comes to gaming. I am probably much better than them when it comes to touch typing but that is not what we were there to do.

The other competitors:

Shawn and Kelvin Chua representing www.sheylara.com

Isaac Tay from www.ian.onthereddot.com

Linda Haziz and Vivian from www.clicktokill.net

Mohd Sham from www.mhisham.org

Julian Low from www.zopim.com

The Rules

Rule #1: Don’t intentionally kick out the power for your PC, disconnect from the game in progress, taunt your opponent (I made that up)…and what do I do in my first match-up in Fifa08? I accidentally kicked the plug for the router. The Geek Terminal uses the Eubiq power sockets which are not too foot friendly. However, in their defense I don’t think the product was designed to be located on the floor.

So, was I disqualified? I was not and we had to play another intense round of Fifa08. I am not a football fan (I call it soccer) so I was never too sure about shooting, passing, tackling, etc. After a quick run down of what keys did what I was in the game.

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