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VR-Zone is hiring (Journalists/Writers/Researchers and a Community Manager)

Resistance is futile – VR-Zone is aggressively expanding in 2011 and we would like to hire adept ad-hoc/intern/part-time/full-time individuals to fill certain creative media and administrative positions, probably the likes of you! 

Read on to find out more.

VR-Zone is aggressively expanding in 2011 and we would like to hire adept ad-hoc/intern/part-time/full-time individuals to fill the following positions:

Job type 1 – Journalists/Writers/Researchers

         Specialist Areas:

 Computer Hardware

·        Motherboards, CPUs, Graphic Cards, SSDs…

 Consumer Electronics

·        Smart Phones, Tablets, Media Players…

 Gaming and Entertainment

·        PC & Console FPS/RTS/MMO/RPG/Sports…

 Science and Technology

·        Inventions that will change the world

         You will be sourcing for interesting
news/trends/leaks around the web, liaise with and interview industry bigwigs and whistleblowers,
and cover a variety of local and international events like Singapore IT Shows and COMPUTEX Taiwan. 

         Vacancies: many.


Job type 2 – VR-Zone Community Manager

         You will be interacting with and organizing the
VRZ community, deal with errant members with your banhammer, stimulate discussions, mediate
disputes, highlight technical issues and moderate trading activities.

         Vacancies: 1 very able person.


Other Job Functions

         If you think your skill set would be a valuable
asset to us, do give us a chance to consider you!

Job Requirements:

         Singapore and International Applicants of all ages,
sex, ethnicities, education levels

         Fluent written English is a must (additional regional
language proficiency in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia will command a

         Understands and appreciates the job scope

         Able to work in a team/reasonable timeframes

         Basic Photographic skills

         Generally Reliable, Self-Motivated and have strong Moral


What your Self-Introduction/Resume should contain:

         Your real name/recent photo/nationality/age/sex/language proficiency

         Working email address/contact number

         Your VRForums nick (if applicable)

         Some background of your life thus far (jobs held,
interests, current situation)

         The position you would like to apply for

         Some original samples of work relevant to the
position you are applying for

         Expected Remuneration


Send in your
resumes to [email protected].
Shortlisted candidates will be spirited away in the middle of the night (just kidding, we’ll email/phone you 😛 ).

Forum Discussion thread: http://forums.vrzone.com/news-around-the-web/984030-vr-zone-hiring-journalists-writers-researchers-community-manager.html

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