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VR-Zone Gets A Sneak Peek Of Gigabyte’s 965 Offering

We’ve just gotten top-secret classified information on Gigabyte’s latest Intel 965P motherboard, the GA-965P-DQ6. Look inside for exclusive aerial surveillance photographs!

Guess what? Our nosy investigators have just stunned a picture off Gigabyte personnels. The high resolution image shows a secret performance facility. Here’s a sneak preview we got to show you, our loyal readers, before the rest get to know! 😛

Looking at this piece of engineering is simply orgasmic

The i965P chipset cooled by the custom Silent-Pipe heatpipe heatsink.

TI’s giving the IEEE1394 signals

Top grade passive components. Gigabyte has gone a great length to put the right things where they should be.

Let’s see. ICH8 supports 8XSATA2, 10XUSB2.0, HD Audio (via the Realtek ALC885?), 1XIDE…

Conroe is supported! Yippie!

GigaRAID adds an extra two IDE channel to the malnourished ICH8. This motherboard gets 2 IDE channels rather than none. Great for those extra ROM drives and old backup drives.

No specifications are available yet but we’ve deciphered half of it, so go on and drool over what is to come!

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