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VR-Zone Exclusive: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Previewed

No tears were shed when we decided that the cover and printed circuit board (PCB) should go separate ways.

The rear I/O plate and the cover are held together by four screws, which are found at the four corners on the back of the PCB.

Aluminium is used to construct the cover, while perspex forms the tinted window.


A shot of the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD in its full naked glory.


Strangely, there are no markings on the PCB as to what Creative would do with the device connector.

Also, that sneaky front panel audio header hidden at the corner is now fully exposed.


Creative has used a mix of Japanese SMD aluminium electrolytic capacitors from ELNA and Panasonic on the X-Fi Titanium HD.


Creative were amongst the first to use gold-plated audio connectors. Although Creative decided not to use them (read cost-cutting) for much of their X-Fi series, gold is back on the X-Fi Titanium HD.


The X-Fi Titanium HD has pretty well defined areas for its audio paths, making it easier to identify areas of interest.


It seems that there were plans to have this card powered via a 4-pin Molex, but Creative decided to scrap that idea eventually.


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