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Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

We didn’t find the memory clocks sufficient to catch up with the GPU clocks and therefore decided to do the Vgddr2 voltage modification too.

2.5ns Hynix gDDR2 memory chips. 8 of them give 256MB of video memory for this 7600GS.

For the Vgddr2 modification, we set our eyes on U501.

Like Vgpu, Vgddr2 is controlled by the ISL6549 too.

Again, a 50kOhm potentiometer went between pin 4 and ground of the ISL6549. Decreasing the resistance between pin 4 and ground increases Vgddr2.

As there were no VTT and Vref modifications to be found, the Vgddr2 is believed to be auto-tracking.

Vgddr2, can be measured off either pins of L11.

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