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Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

Based around the NVIDIA G73 GPU built on 90 nm process, the Inno3D 7600GS promised much headroom for overclocking. Most 7600GS hits a wall early at around 470MHz Core. This is largely a cap due to limited voltage so we tweaked the voltage up and saw a massive clock increase from 470MHz to 720MHz! That is a massive 80% overclock over the 400MHz original!

Recently, we got our hands on a piece of 7600GS from Inno3D. Based around the NVIDIA G73 GPU built on 90 nm process, it promised much headroom for overclocking.

The 7600GS arrives!

Based on the 90nm manufacturing process, the G73 promises much headroom for overclocks.

Initial tests were promising enough, for we hit 470MHz on the GPU and 460MHz on the gDDR2 memory without making any changes to the card. As you all know, we can turn into clock-hungry demons when the benchmarking addict is unleashed after a period of dormancy, so… …

The Inno3D 7600GS is based upon NVIDIA’s P345 PCB design.

On close scrutiny, we were able to work out the Voltage Modifications for both the memory and GPU voltage.

U505 forms part of the voltage regulation circuitury for the GPU.

The ISL6549 is used in both Vgpu and Vgddr2 voltage regulation. We will be looking at pin 4 of the ISL6549. Take note that the indent is beside pin 1.

In order to increase the Vgpu, hook a 50kOhm potentiometer from pin 4 to ground. Decreasing the value of the resistance between pin 4 and ground get your Vgpu up.

Vgpu values are available on the inductor L9. You can choose to measure either ends of the inductor as there is less than 0.1V of potential difference between the two ends.

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