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Voltage Modding Guide

Instead of chip pins, sometimes you can or have to solder onto SMD resistors or
capacitors. In fact I prefer to solder onto SMD components than chip pins. You
can usually take the alternate route of soldering onto an SMD resistor that is
connected to the pin instead of the pin itself. Look near the pin, a lot of
times just beside it, you might find a resistor connected to it. You can see if
the resistor is connected to it by using your multimeter, one tip to the
resistor and the other tip on the chip pin.

Turn your multimeter to the connection-check mode and if it beeps, then the
resistor is in connection with the pin. So you can solder to this resistor
instead of the pin.

Soldering to an SMD component is similar. You may want to dab a little pointed
tip of solder onto the SMD component.

After that, bring the wire close to the component.

Join it up with your soldering iron. Again, hot glue will help prevent
accidental rip offs.

Sometimes, you will need to or want to solder on SMD components, such as SMD
resistors or capacitors. The main advantage is that it is very neat and looks as
though its inherent to the board. Or sometimes an SMD capacitor or diode gets
chipped off and you need to fix it. First, get the replacement component of the
right size. For example, you want to replace the SMD resistor on your board with
another one to give a higher voltage.

Position it over the spot you want to solder it to. There should be 2 trace pads
there. Press it down firmly with your sharp fingernail or a small test pen.
Press your soldering iron down on one of the sides and the solder should melt
onto the pad and then lift away the iron quickly. Do not go in with too hot an

It should help to have a little bit of solder on the iron tip. Once one side is
soldered on, just do the same for the other side.

The key to soldering is practise. So you can practise on a cheap or dead piece
of hardware until you feel safe doing the soldering.

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