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Voltage Modding Guide

First off, for those who are simply afraid of soldering, SMD grabbers can be
used in some cases to eliminate this need. These can be bought from Sim Lim
Tower for $ 1.

This can grab onto the pin of an SMD voltage regulator chip. Slip the hook into
the gap of the particular pin and hook it on.

The other end of the grabber should be connected to a wire which runs to the
variable resistor that will change the resistance. If the hook happens to be too
thick, which can be the case with small chips that have small pins, you can file
the hook with a file to thin it till it fits.

Soldering is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. For this, you will
need to get a soldering iron and some electrical solder. Get one with a sharp
tip that is rated around 25 watts.

A cheap soldering iron only costs around $ 8 from Sim Lim Tower, it is definitely
a worthwhile investment.

Next, you would need to chose the type of wire you want to use. A thin wire
should work well for this job:

Cut the tip off to expose the bare wire. Onto this bare wire some solder must
be added.

Now, we must keep the tip of the soldering iron clean as they can get dirty with
soot after some usage.

Bring the hot iron close to the solder and dab some melted solder onto the tip.

Next, bring the tip to the bare wire. Apply the solder onto the bare wire in
such a way that it ends up with a sharp and pointed tip of solder.

If you leave the iron running for a long time, it may get too hot and when it
gets too hot, the solder will keep sticking to the iron instead of sticking to
the bare wire. You will need to turn off the iron if that happens.

Next, you can put the wire right above the pin you need to solder to.

Hold the wire in place with one hand, and take your soldering iron near to the
sharp solder tip of the wire. Gently press the iron against the wire tip down
onto the pin and once you see the solder start to soften, you can pull the iron

Next, to prevent accidentally pulling off the wire, you can use hot glue to hold
the wire in place and strengthen the solder bond.


Hot glue gun

Correct soldering techniques can make your equipment last longer and your voltage modification more durable. It is therefore important that every voltage modification attempt be taken with the necessary soldering skills. Check out these video tutorials here and here!

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