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VMware to bring Business Capabilities onto Samsung Smartphones, Tablets

Virtualization giant VMware has announced a strategic partnership with Samsung that could well be a strong shot-in-the-arm for the adoption of the Android platform in businesses.  In a nutshell, the collaboration means that Samsung will integrate the just-announced VMware View 5 and VMware Horizon Mobile with its mobile smartphones and tablet devices.  VMware View 5 is an update to VMware's desktop virtualization solution with improved bandwidth utilization and graphics, while (the more interesting) VMware Horizon Mobile will essentially see VMware's mobile hypervisor technology installed onto compatible hardware.

Announced at VMware conference last week, VMware Horizon Mobile is a way for businesses to securely manage an employee's mobile work environment separately from their personal space. This means that workers can continue to use and customize their Android-based phones without having to worry about messing up their company's settings and configurations. Moreover, personal emails and apps will not be interspaced with work-related ones, allowing employees the freedom and flexibility to use a single Android device for both work and play.

Within the mobile work environment, IT admins retain the full ability to remotely manage installed applications and configurations.  Everything here is saved within an encrypted virtual container that can only be accessed after keying in a password – including new notifications.  It is clear that this technology offers enhanced protection against misplaced or stolen devices, even as its sandboxed nature eliminates traditional fears of invasion of privacy when allowing the IT department full access to personal devices.

One criticism about VMware Horizon Mobile however, is the potential performance reduction that running Android on top of Android.  On its part, VMware has asserted that the performance reduction is only 10 percent, and that the company hasn't heard any complaints pertaining on that front.

No specifics have been offered about which Samsung phones might incorporate the technology, though it is understood that LG also plans to make phones available with the technology. In the meantime, VMware has put together a short video clip where you can see VMware Horizon Mobile in action on an Android smartphone here

Source: VMware


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