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Vinyl returns with Pyle’s 50s retro-look turntable

If you are into old school sound, Pyle’s new turntable with a 50s retro look is now available.  Called the PTR8UR, this machine is sure to crank out your favorite records from days gone by and with an inexpensive price to boot.

While most folks today choose to listen to music from their MP3 or CD player, there are still a few of us who want that sound only vinyl can give us.  While vinyl records may be ancient technology, so-to-speak, this new turntable from Pyle will not only appease your need for that vinyl sound but look really cool doing it.

This brand new turntable from Pyle has a very beautiful chrome trim and candy color exterior that screams 1957.  While it looks vintage, the electronics and sound are all 21st century technology.  It comes with integrated 3” speakers, along with an LCD with blue backlight display.   It even comes with a 3.5mm AUX input jack along with a 3.55mm headphone jack.


There aren’t many turntables out there that can digitize your nostalgic records, but this model can easily convert all of your music to MP3 format enabling you to take it anywhere with its convenient USB port and SD card slots. It also comes with a great sounding AM/FM radio and an easy to read illuminated front radio dial display with amber backlight along with cordless remote control. 

The PTR8UR turntable has the standard speeds of 33 & 1/3, 45 (with adaptor) and 78 RPM – greater yet you can have this for only $115 dollars U.S.  If you are interested Pyle offers other 50s look models with a lot more features as well.  Click here to check out there product page and see their other lines of interesting turntables.


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