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VIA Technologies To Release First Dual-Core And Quad-Core Processors

After years of trailing behind the competition, Taiwan-based VIA Technologies has finally announced its plans to roll out dual-core and quad-core variants of its VIA Nano processors. Will this move serve as the push needed to help VIA regain its competitiveness in the PC processor market dominated by Intel and AMD?

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How long has that dual-core or quad-core processor been sitting in that PC or notebook of yours? Most may probably not know it, but dual-core and quad-core processors have been already around for about five years, and have already been considered as mainstream today.

However, for VIA, whose offerings for the x86 market are still confined to single-core design, the jump to multicore will no doubt be a huge leap forward for the company. According to the DigiTimes web ste, VIA will start shipping its dual-core Nano CPUs “by the end of 2010”, claiming that the company has already received orders from Singapore and China for those processors. The dual-core Nanos will have clock speeds of up to 2GHz, 2MB of L2 cache, a maximum TDP of 20W and will run on VIA’s 1333MHz V4 Bus, making it suited for notebooks.

In addition, VIA also plans to introduce quad-core versions of the Nano, although these will only be available by end 2011. No additional information about the quad-core Nanos have been revealed, although DigiTimes claims that the processors will be paired “with a new VN11 chipset”, which also happens to be DirectX11 compatible.

While it is indeed gratifying to see VIA making huge strides, their latest move also has the unintended effect of revealing just how far behind VIA currently is in the x86 market. This is especially so if one takes into account that dual-core and quad-core processors are now almost considered mainstream, while VIA has only just started to introduce such processors.

Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly be interesting to see just how well the company’s new multicore Nano CPUs will be received by the computing market.

Source: DigiTimes via X-bit Labs

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