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Verizon looks to clear Droid DNA and Incredible 4G stocks in anticipation of HTC One

More than two weeks have passed since Verizon confirmed the HTC One will be available with the network, but unfortunately we still have no idea when the 4.7-incher is to make its debut. Then again, it can’t be long now, since Big Red is looking to nix the Droid DNA.

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Only seven months young, the 5-incher really made some waves back in its time, being the world’s first Full HD smartphone. Still viewed as a fairly solid high-ender, the Droid DNA is no longer the cream of the Android crop and has no game against the far more elegant and zippier One.

With that in mind, the DNA stock clearing shouldn’t come as a big surprise, even if we don’t believe the One will be marketed under the Droid branding. What’s weird is that Verizon still asks a whopping $199.99 with two-year contracts for the Droid DNA, which is pretty scandalous given that’s the exact same price tag of the much newer Samsung Galaxy S4.

In other, somewhat related news, Verizon seems keen to pull the plug on the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE also, a phone released back in July 2012. This thing is a little pricey itself, going for $49.99 with 24-month agreements, so chances are inventory will not be cleared anytime soon.


The bigger question is this – will America’s number one carrier look to replace the Incredible 4G as well? Probably not, but here’s a wild theory – what if the One will actually take this fellow’s spot under the Verizon sun and Droid DNA’s follow-up is set to be a DNA+? Or DNA S, or DNA 2, you get the idea.

After all, don’t you find it a little weird we’re hearing about these two phones reaching end of life status less than 24 hours after the Butterfly S became official in Asia? I do, and I also remember the first-gen Droid DNA was nothing but a rebranded J Butterfly. Will history repeat itself? Only time will tell.

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