Verizon just filed for a patent on a DVR that can watch and record what you are doing so it can target you with special advertisements.  

Verizon says the technology to serve their customers better to fit the mood for what you are doing.  Verizon is calling it a way of presenting an advertisement associated with the ambient action of the ‘user’. 

The information would be collected from microphones and/or infrared cameras that would eavesdrop on what was being said near the TV or even what might be nearby it such as people or even your pets.  The publication of the patent was disclosed recently but it was filed in May 2011.  

The abstract of the patent explains that the system is a means of making targeted advertising by detecting the ambient action of the user/s during a presentation of the media being presented.  It suggests that when there is an advertisement break, the system would then know what type of advertisement to display.  

In an explanation of how the device targets its advertisements, the patent application explains the ambient action in part by stating, “To illustrate, the ambient action may include the user talking to, cuddling with, fighting with, wrestling with, playing a game with, competing with, and/or otherwise interacting with the other user In further examples, the ambient action may include the user interacting with a separate media content access device (e.g., a media content access device separate from the media content access device presenting the media content).” 

Whether this patent is approved and if Verizon sells such a product remains to be seen.  The big question is if customers would want such a device in their homes?