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Verbatim insists floppy disk is not dead, promises continued production of such devices

The humble floppy disk may be all but dead in the consumer market today, but storage device manufacturer Verbatim believes that they still have their place in the world despite being completely outclassed by faster, more powerful alternatives such as flash drives, portable hard disks and recordable optical media.

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Can you still remember when was the last time you ever used a floppy disk? A decade ago, maybe? Or perhaps even longer? If so, it should come as no surprise that the rapid advancement of technology means that the once ubiquitous floppy disk is fast on its way to being consigned to the dustbin of computer evolution.

Still, in spite of its age, Verbatim seems to believe that that the floppy has some life left in it even after it has been well and truly outclassed by today’s alternatives like flash drives and portable hard disks.

“Almost 30 years after the 3.5-inch disk’s launch in 1981, the floppy remains a widespread data storage medium despite the advent of powerful rivals such as the CD and USB stick. According to the market leader Verbatim’s own figures, European sales totalled around 50 million units in 2009, with demand especially strong in Eastern Europe and the CIS states,” a statement by Verbatim reads.

To that end, Verbatim has decided to proceed with their floppy disk production, if only to provide a solution for those who still make use of these storage devices for everyday. In contast, Sony had previously announced that they will be ceasing all floppy disk production come March 2011 due to the lack of demand.

However, it should be noted that that floppy disks still have their use; in addition to being cheap, they are usually seen as the only form of data transfer among older machines running operating systems like Windows 98 and older, where the OS has little to no plug-and-play support for a huge majority of today’s USB powered devices.

Still, Verbatim has made it known that the floppy disk cannot escape its inevitable fate of being completely phased out from most computer systems.

“…in a shrinking market segment the number of suppliers of this product is diminishing. As a leading storage media specialist, however, Verbatim will continue to supply the floppy worldwide,” Verbatim says. 

Source: Softpedia

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