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Vantec @ Computex 2011: Storage, storage, and more storage

Vantec is all about expansion cards, PSUs and CPU coolers right? Well, not at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Centre they aren't; apparently, the US-based designer and manufacturer of thermal products and computer peripherals does not have any new or updated versions of the aforementioned products available for the enthusiast market this year. So what will Vantec be showcasing this year? Why, the latest additions to its NexStar line of storage products, of course.

So Vantec will not be exhibiting any of their enthusiast-centric products in this year's Computex. Of course, that is a little unfortunate, as we were hoping that they would have some new PSUs or cooling fans to show off to the enthusiast market. However, the lack of any new enthusiast hardware also means that Vantec is free to showcase other upcoming products it has it the pipeline, such as the various new additions to its NexStar line of storage solutions, such as hard disk docking stations and NAS devices. Which, of course, is exactly what they have done this year.

The first product Vantec has on its list is the NexStar NST-D400S3 dual SATA-to-USB3.0 hard drive docking station, which boasts support for dual SATA hard drives at SATA1 to SATA3 speeds with capacities of up to 6TB.

Also available are Vantec's NAS solutions as well, such as the NexStar FX NST-640NU-NR4, which is a quad-bay NAS hard drive enclosure which supports gigabit Ethernet, USB print servers and redundancy solutions such as RAID0, RAID1 and JBOD.

If quad-bay NAS solutions sounds like overkill to you, Vantec also has a dual-bay version available for users. Unlike the NST-640NU-NR4 described above, the dual-bay NexStar FX NST-620SU3-R2 lacks support for external gigabit Ethernet and USB print servers, but makes up for that by including support for external USB3.0 devices.

Alternatively, users who do not require multi-bay solutions but need support for data transfer via gigabit Ethernet and external USB print servers can opt for the NexStar FX NST-610NU-N1, which is a single-drive NAS enclosure.

Last but definitely not least, Vantec also unveiled their NexStar FX NST600NU, which is a gigabit NAS adapter designed for use with USB storage devices.


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