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Updated Google Maps iOS app finds fastest routes

Google Maps for iOS has been updated, its capable of telling users if there’s a faster route available to their destination.


Things can change pretty quickly on the road. One minute traffic flows smoothly and the other it might get held up due to an accident further ahead. These things happen, such scenarios are nothing out of the ordinary. It might be difficult for drivers to find alternate routes to their destination particularly if they’re in cities they’re not too familiar with. This is where Google’s updated iOS app comes in, its now capable of suggesting faster routes that the one the user is currently on, and it does that in real-time.

Even if the user sets on the route they had initially searched through Google Maps and its a possibility that they might get held up in traffic, Maps continues to work in the background to find and chart out fastest routes to the destination. Whenever such a route is discovered, users are presented with the option to either “Reroute,” on stay on course by tapping “No thanks.” This feature is currently only available in markets where Google Maps for iOS supports navigation. The Maps app for Android was updated with this feature last month.

Google Maps for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.

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