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Upcoming Samsung SM-W750V Windows Phone expected to don 4.3-inch Full HD screen

Samsung’s alleged next Windows Phone 8 effort, model numbered SM-W750V, may revolutionize the mobile market as we know it, sporting a 4.3-inch Full HD display with unequaled pixel density.


It’s a near guarantee, the leader of the mobile tech world will abandon the Tizen project before long (and before it can take off), focusing almost entirely on Android. “Almost” being the key word, as apparently Samsung hasn’t completely turned its back on Windows Phone.

Remember the SM-W750V that surfaced online a couple of weeks ago with a 1,080p panel? According to Ad Duplex, this thing is looming large on the horizon, so a Mobile World Congress intro is in the cards, but it might not be a direct rival for the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2 or Nokia Lumia 1520.

Instead, it could take on diminutive versions of flagships such as Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact, the GS4 mini or HTC One mini. Wait, so what about 1,080p? Well, if Ad Duplex is right, the top-notch resolution isn’t going anywhere, and it’s to be plastered all over a tiny 4.3-inch piece of glass.


Resulting pixel density? 512 ppi. Breathtaking. Also, a little impractical, some say. Overkill I guess is the term many prefer. Oh, stop fretting, it’s just a rumor for now. Also a rumor – it’s headed straight for Verizon and no other carriers. Both stateside and worldwide.

Nah, I don’t buy it. Big Red can’t have two high-end WP handhelds in the pipeline, this and Nokia’s Lumia Icon, and hold them off for nigh launches in February. Can it?

More importantly, is a 4.3-inch Full HD, presumably quad-core and 2 GB RAM-toting state-of-the-art slab of silicon practical? Could it be the beginning of the end for Android or a desperate, unlikely to succeed move to make Windows Phone 8 popular?

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