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Unreleased Motorola X caught on film… again, this time courtesy of Google/Motorola execs

Had enough of the seemingly endless rumor bonanza starring the already mythical Motorola X? Don’t want to hear about the phone until it becomes official? We know the feeling, but there’s nothing we can do for you at this time other than… bring you another couple of “leaks”.

Motorola X

What makes these two special is they come straight from the horse’s mouth. Pardon the tasteless allegory, but the imaginary two-headed horse in that equation is made of Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, and Rick Osterloh, Senior VP for Product Management at Motorola.

If we were to take the equine metaphors one step forward, we could suspect the two leaks of being part of a Trojan Horse-like conspiracy. Then again, there’s no reason to think the photos starring Schmidt and Osterloh video clip are in any way fabricated or meant to deceive us.

But what exactly are we dealing with here? In short, the first 100% (okay, 99%) legit on-camera appearances of the Moto X. The phone can be seen rocking a smooth, milky white back next to Eric Schmidt’s ear and in the hand of Google’s boss and in a classy dark hue in Osterloh’s hand.

Motorola X-2

Again, the odds of this not being the X are astronomical, but one can definitely suspect this “slip-up” of being intentional. Otherwise, how can you explain we can’t even catch a quick glimpse of the handheld’s front in the two pics or video clip embedded below? Plus, Eric Schmidt does seem to be fashionably posing for the camera, which is suspicious to say the least.

The good news in this entire madness is that, if the leaks were indeed premeditated, that most definitely means we’re very close to Motorola X’s official intro. Seriously, Motorola Google, it’s time. Go ahead, unveil it already or else we’ll start losing our interest.

Via [Engadget] and [Phone Arena]

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