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Ultimate 8-core mATX Powerhouse: Xeon E5-2690, R4G, 7970DCii and more!


From the Cinebench score, we can see that our E5-2690 at stock speeds performs around that of a 4.5GHz i7-3960X and double the typical Core i5-2500K desktop


Strong memory and cache performance


Nefarious RAR password cracking usages – posessing 16 strong threads to call upon, the CPU can process up to 1483.5 password hashes/sec


In the X264 FHD Benchmark, the E5-2690 turned in a strong 33.24 fps for 1080p encoding, which is 50% faster than the average i5-2500K system


Turning our attention to graphics performance, the processor and gpu combined to produce a strong X2923 3DMarks, which is very impressive considering nothing was overclocked


Battlefield 3 (DX11) 1080p Ultra Preset


Going Hunting Single Player Level Fraps Runthrough

Min Avg Max
66fps 80.198fps 103fps


Here is a chart to help our readers interpret fps results (Vsync off):

FPS Range Comments
>100 Excellent / Ownage
60-99 Acceptable
30-59 Playable, with occasional lags/slowdown
20-29 Not enjoyable and No for fast paced action
10-19 It's bad mkay
0-9 Slideshow / Waste time

Averaging 80 frames per second and not dipping below 60, our 8-core mATX powerhouse will give gamers a smooth fragging experience even on the highest ultra detail setting


Thermals of the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E revealed – When running the Prime 95 Small FFTs Torture Test for 30mins, the CPU  temperature did not exceed 57 degrees on any of the eight physical cores (rated at 135w TDP), which shows that there is still a lot of headroom for any overclocking


OCZ Revodrive 3 X2 480GB's smoking fast storage performance


In conclusion, we hope that our readers liked this mini wonder that we've put together. We would like to give this award to all the components involved in our Ultimate 8-core mATX Powerhouse

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