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UK court orders Apple to publicly say sorry to Samsung

A ruling by a UK court is forcing Apple to apologize publicly to Samsung for accusing the South Korean-tech firm of copying the iPad’s design with the Galaxy Tab tablet.

Samsung and Apple are engaged in more than one legal battle with each other worldwide, but it’s rare for the judges presiding over the court case to force Apple to issue a public apology. 

The apology that Apple must issue has to be published in various media outlets in the UK, because the judges want to eliminate consumer misconceptions that Samsung copied Apple’s design scheme.  

The decision to make Apple say sorry to Samsung was actually from a few months ago, but it was not until recently that the judges upheld the decision to force Apple to issue an apology statement via UK’s media outlets.

Furthering the apology demand, the court wants Apple to provide a link to the judges’ decision on its UK website.  The next requirement, which is oddly even more specific, for the apology is that the statement must be printed in 14 point (or larger) using the Arial font.

Samsung had to scoff up a little over $1 billion recently because a California court found that it had infringed upon Apple’s patents.  However, a court-ordered public apology may be just as devastating for the world’s most valuable company.

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