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Ubisoft show off two new IPs – The Crew and The Division

Each year, gaming journalists descend on Los Angeles to take in the sights and sounds of the yearly E3 expo. The Los Angeles Convenion Centre plays host to some astounding game developers, publishers and technology companies to show off the best and brightest in gaming for the coming year. This year, Ubisoft definitely has already blown so much of their competition out of the water with the announcement of two new  IP’s.

The first was The Crew, a Massive Multiplayer Racing title, in which you and four friends traverse America and perform multiple co-op missions. This can range from taking down armoured cars, doing races and completing stunt trials. The game looks like a lot of fun and definitely has an early Burnout vibe to it. The game will be incredible to play with friends and some have already called it the Left 4 Dead of car combat enthusiasts.

Next on the chopping block was The Division. A brand new title from Massive Entertainment, the guys who created Far Cry 3’s multiplayer.

After the trailer was shown, scaring the hell out of every germophobe and agoraphobic man, woman and child, gameplay footage was shown with some poorly designed in-game voice chat. The game does have some incredible gameplay and is another co-op title where you play different characters in an open world game who will be trying to complete different missions and find survivors in a post-apocalypse scenario.

Ubisoft definitely had some surprises up their sleeve but something that was unsurprising was Aisha Tyler’s natural delivery and appearance at the event. She’s an amazing host and I really hope Ubisoft asks her back next year.


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