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U-ing’s Green Farm introduces Living Room “Tech” Gardening

Japanese company U-ing has developed the Green Farm module, a special hydroponics unit that can be used to automatically grow your own green foodstuffs indoors.

They say that growing your own vegetables has its own unique merits. It does, that is until you realize that you live in apartment, or on some other place where you can't even start with the idea of growing plants. Fortunately, Japanese company U-ing has provided a compact and convenient solution.

The Green Farm is a small hydroponic unit that can be used for plant cultivation. Plants and greens are grown inside it using an enclosed system that helps fully simulate typical outdoor environmental conditions.

To use the Green Farm module/kit, all you need to do is to properly set all of the controls for each system in it. The LED light that acts as the sun can be set to a predetermined time period to mimic the time that the sun is usually out. Water levels can be automatically regulated, so that when it reaches a low point, it would automatically feed the system with a fresh supply. Air is also properly simulated, with an air pump that can aerate the unit at a preset duration and schedule during the day. Aside from regular manual checks and inspections, the entire cultivation process is automatic. So yeah, you can grow cabbages and lettuces using this kit while working, or when you're simply watching a movie.

The dimensions of the Green Farm module are set at 544 x 262 x 305 mm. It may not be that big, but it is quite adequate enough for small scale indoor gardening. If you want to grow more greens or plants, you may have to use another separate unit. Don't worry if they would take too much space though, because each unit is perfectly stackable with one other.

Though it can be used to plant flowers, it is preferably more useful when utilized to grow harvestable greens or small crops. The module includes a set of 20 different varieties of greens and things to grow, most notably Italian herbs and lettuce seeds.

The Green Farm module will be available in Japan with an estimated price of about 25,000 yen (267 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP), Green Farm (JP)

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