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Twitter’s Vine amasses over 40 million registered users

Twitter has announced that its video sharing service Vine now serves more than 40 million registered users worldwide, a milestone it has achieved rather quickly despite facing competition from Facebook’s Instagram.


Many thought Instagram’s launch of video on Instagram would be a deathblow to Vine, and despite seeing a sharp drop in usage, Vine has still been able to amass over 40 million registered users since it launched on iOS earlier this year.

The announcement was made via Twitter, and impressively, there were only 13 million users before Vine debuted on Android just a month ago, making it a massive jump in a small period of time. It’s clear that Google’s mobile platform lent a helping hand, despite a botched initial release that saw many basic features missing (and poor performance) in the Android version of the app.

However, 40 million registered users doesn’t mean those are all active users – many probably just registered to try the app out and then abandoned it, something I’m guilty of as well. But it’s still an indication of how these “make a quick video and share them” apps are growing in popularity, and that increased competition between different services can only mean good things for the users.

Which brings me to the question: what service do you use most of the time? Instagram? Vine? Perhaps both?

Source: Twitter

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