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TwinMOS Speed Premium PC3200 Review

Next, we improve the timings a little to see how the memory
clocks with regards to various voltages:


1T/2T Timing: 2T
Cas Latency: 2.0
Ras to Cas Delay (Trcd): 3
Ras Active Time: (Tras): 8
Row PreCharge Time (Trp): 2

The timings was chosen as it is noted through testing that Latency
at 2.0 and Trp at 2 is relatively tolerable by the memory, whereas when Trcd
is set to 2 from 3, it is very taxing on the memory and becomes unstable at
the lower voltages.

From the graph, we can see that the memory is quite adept at
running these relatively tight timings, but the turning point comes when more
than 3.2v is supplied to the memory and it takes a big leap from 237Mhz to 244Mhz.

Next up, we go on to pretty tight timing test:



1T/2T Timing: 2T
Cas Latency: 2.0
Ras to Cas Delay (Trcd): 2
Ras Active Time: (Tras): 5
Row PreCharge Time (Trp): 2

This is very aggressive timings which the Winbond BH5 lovers
are used to running. Here are the results:

As you can see, the memory can only run at these settings when
voltage supplied is 3v and above. That is where the memory starts to unleash
their “talent”. Very good scalability as the voltages increase, as
you can see from the graph, at these settings.

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