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Tweets expose two unannounced Nokia Asha devices, one highly resembling Lumias

Riding the wave of enthusiasm around recent low-end, low-cost Asha products, Nokia is reportedly working on two new additions to the series, one unnamed and the other carrying an intriguing Normandy alias.

Nokia Normandy

No idea if the handheld pictured above in red is to spark a high-stakes battle similar to the one that went down in history as a major turning point in World War II, but Nokia’s Normandy is bound to start a revolution of sorts nonetheless.

Namely, this little fellow is to break new ground inside the Asha family, closing the gap between it and Lumias. In fact, the design is quite similar to gadgets placed higher on the totem pole, so you shouldn’t rule out just yet the Normandy being a Lumia after all.

Or, and this is probably the best guess right now, the Normandy will be branded as an Asha, but run some kind of simplified version of Windows Phone. In terms of hardware, everything is kept under wraps and not even always resourceful @evleaks has the scoop, so chances are the foxy red device will only become official next year. Likely in numerous different chromatic versions.

Nokia Asha

Moving on to the other, unnamed yet imminent Asha, we’re predictably even lighter on specifics. Early 2014 is likewise the most plausible ETA, with the external appearance again being somewhat of a distancing from existent Ashas. This time however, for the worst.

The chassis is oddly and almost uncomfortably wide, making the phone as a whole look chunky and, let’s be blunt, fugly, so the saving grace in the equation has to be pricing. Knowing Nokia, that won’t be an issue, which is why it’s safe to predict the beginning of next year will bring new, tasty goodies to unpretentious, extremely budget-conscious mobile tech fans.

Source: Twitter

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