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How to replace the iPhone 5 battery [Tutorial video]

A video tutorial for iPhone 5 battery replacement has been posted online. It is going to help those who want to change the battery on their device, but have not been able to since iPhone 5 doesn’t feature a removable battery.


There’s no rocket science to replacing a smartphone’s battery if it comes with a removable back cover which easily gives access to the battery. Sadly, the iPhone has never, ever, featured a removable battery. This means that the only way to access the battery is to open the device itself, which might seem like a titanic task to most novice users. Not to mention the fact that cracking open your device will actually void its warranty.

Obviously those who have iPhone 5 under warranty don’t need to open it up in the first place, as they can simply take it to Apple who would cover the battery replacement. However, if your warranty period is up and your iPhone 5 battery needs to be replaced, this easy to understand video from iFixit will greatly help. After watching this video you’ll realize that it is surprisingly easy to replace a battery on iPhone 5, with the right tools and a little bit of patience, almost anyone can do that within a few minutes.

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