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Turn your iPhone into a remote control, courtesy of Panasonic

Do you happen to own an iPhone, along with any Panasonic-branded home-theatre entertainment devices in your home? If you do, Panasonic's latest announcement will probably be just the thing you need to chuck out those clunky remote controls for good; this is because the Japanese electronics company has just announced the launch of three apps for the iPhone that allows users to take control of their Panasonic-branded home entertainment devices from the comfort of their smartphone.

It is always said that the fiercest domestic quarrels usually has something do with one's possession of the humble home entertainment tool known as the remote control, and it is easy to see why. With each individual having unique tastes in their content of choice and the remote control being the only tool that is capable of helping viewers gain easy access to such content, it should be of little surprise that the battle for the remote control is often the best way to showcase one's alleged seniority (or immaturity)  in the household.

And because having a family of three or more members fighting for possession of one remote control does not sound like the best way to make use of one's time at home, Panasonic has apparently come up with a clever way to keep such domestic quarrels to a minimum; by giving every single family member remote access to its home entertainment devices. But here lies the twist; as much as most people would have wanted it, the Japanese electronics giant is not about to increase its production costs by bundling four remote controls for each product. Rather, Panasonic is taking advantage of the fact that most people will have at least one iPhone by releasing three remote control apps for the Apple-branded smartphone, with each app aimed at enabling remote access to a specific Panasonic-branded home entertainment device.

The first app is known as the VIERA Remote, and as its name suggests, is centered around providing an iPhone with remote control capabilities for Panasonic's VIERA line of televisions. Of course, not every single VIERA-branded television is compatible with the app: Panasonic's press release claims that only the VIERA VT3, GT3, ST3 and DT3 series of television sets support remote control via a compatible iOS device.



The second app released by Panasonic is known as the Digarimoto or DIGA Remote, and is targeted at Panasonic's line of DIGA-branded DVD recorders and players. Much like the VIERA remote mentioned previously, the DIGA Remote app allows a compatible iOS device to gain full remote access to a DIGA-branded DVD recorder's functions, such as its recording schedules and standard video playback features. According to Panasonic, the following DVD recorders are compatible with the DIGA Remote app: the BZT900/800/700/600, BWT500, BRT300, BWT3100/2100/1100, BW890/690, BF200, BWT3000/2000/1000, BW880/780/680, and the BW970/870/770.


The third and final app that has been made available for iOS is the Panasonic Blu-ray Remote app which is only compatible with the BDT110 Blu-ray player.



Interestingly, Panasonic made no mention about the apps' compatibility (or incomatibility) with any specific versions of iOS, although it can be logically understood that users who are currently on the latest version of iOS that is supported by their device are not likely to experience any compatibility issues with the aforementioned apps.

More importantly, the press release also makes no references nor drops any hints about a future Android version of the aforementioned apps, so Android users will probably have to sit this one out for the forseeable future.

Source: Panasonic Japan

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