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Triplex EYE BOMB Radeon 9800 Pro Review

3DMark2003 Fill rate
tests measure the fill rate speed of drawing textures onto 3D
objects of the graphics card. Single-Texturing test draws one
texture into 64 surfaces which means the graphics card fills
each of these objects separately, no matter how many texture
layers that card is capable of drawing in a single pass. You can
observe that Radeon 9800 Pro is still most efficient in this

Multi-Texturing test
which draw 64 texture layers in the shortest possible time will
allow the cards to perform close to their theoretical peak.
GeForce FX 5800 Ultra and FX 5900 Ultra are able to generate two
textures units per pixel pipeline therefore their theoretical
peak textures fill rate are much higher than the Radeon 9800 Pro
which can only draw 1 texture units per pixel pipeline.

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