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Trialware comes to Windows Phone 7

Want to buy that app but unsure as to whether it is worth your money? Microsoft has the solution: a ‘trial’ option which allows the user to try out the app for free before deciding if you want to part with your hard earned cash for it.

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With paid smartphone applications going for as low as less than a dollar, most people would usually fall prey to the trap of impulse buying. And the result of paying for an app that does not offer the user any form of satisfaction upon purchase is probably all too real in the age of smartphones and non-free applications.

And even if the amount spent on such apps is extremely small, it does not change the fact that money is still wasted if it is spent on an unwanted app. And that is exactly the kind of problem Microsoft is targeting with its new feature in the Windows Marketplace.

According to TechRadar, Microsoft will be offering developers the option to include a ‘try before you buy’ button on their apps, which would allow users to download a trial version of the paid app to experiment with before making the decision to purchase the app or not.

However, what was conveniently lacking was more detailed information about how the ‘trial’ option would be implemented. To date, trialware is usually distributed in two forms: a fully-functional trial which is virtually identical to the paid version save for the inclusion of a time bomb, and a heavily-crippled, watered-down version which only offers a subset of what the paid version offers. But if we were to hazzard a guess, we’d put our money on Microsoft opting for the time-limited trial, simply because having a seperate, feature-limited copy of the app would be unnecessary work for developers.

On an unrelated note, Microsoft also promised that Windows Phone 7 will have sufficient apps for users at launch, and that the OS’s interface will no longer resemble ‘a sea of icons’.

Source: TechRadar UK

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