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Transcend AxeRAM DDR2 1066MHz 2GB Kit

We’ve seen many enthusiast RAMs in the market now like the Crucial Ballistix, Corsair Dominators, Kingston HyperX etc. Today, we will be introducing Transcend’s rendition, the AxeRAM DDR-II 1066 kit, based on the Micron D9GMH!

We’ve did many reviews of DDR-II modules for the past two years, and we’ve also seen memory prices went on a rollercoaster ride, from a good USD$ 600 for a pair of premium ram to a good USD$ 150 for a pair! Today, we will be taking a look at the Transcend AxeRAM 1066+ 2GB kit. Based on Micron’s D9GMH ICs, we can be sure that this pair of enthusiast RAMs can clock really well, and at the same time, they look pretty nice donning that black and silver heatspreader…

D9GMH ICs from the same batch on both sticks!

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