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Toshiba TECRA M5 Corporate Notebook Review

Greyish Silver gives this Notebook a very robust and durable feel

For the details of the features of the Toshiba EasyGuard, please visit their
official website here.
Here is a brief summary of what it does and how it can help

Well data integrity is of utmost importance for a corporate Notebook User. As
such, protective measures against shocks and vibrations from accidental dropping
or knocking of the Notebook is most welcome. The Toshiba 3D HDD motion sensor
detects free fall from all directions and rapidly moves the HDD Head from the
platters in preparation for the impact. Shock absorption technology further
reinforces the HDD in the event of an impact or vibration.

Now how about security feature, you know that fancy fingerprint reader
located on the bottom right of the keyboard? That’s the embedded biometric
scanner, which together with it’s software utility, can be configured to
recognize and allow access to the Notebook by reading fingerprints, on top of
the Windows Log-On Security feature. This gives added protection and security in
a world where Corporate spies lurk.

Those who have had their Notebooks stolen in a library or a Starbucks joint
will appreciate this feature. I always get worried when I leave my Notebook on
the table as I order some an Iced Mocha, so this is one feature I can appreciate

What this Instant Security does is to sound off an alarm when the internal
sensor detects that the Notebook is being pick up. Of course, it is on a
per-activated basis so you don’t need to worry about the going off every now and

Toshiba Config-Free software that starts up in your windows tray allows you
easy and user-friendly access to wired and wireless networking. You can easily
hook up to a network with just a few clicks.


These are some of the unique and useful feature set you get with this

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