What's this? A television set that can actually be powered by batteries? This has got to be a joke, right? Well, we've got news for you: such television sets do exist on the market today, and Toshiba is set to increase their numbers with the launch of its new REGZA 19P2 television set, which does exactly what it says on the box, and then some.

Read on to find out more about Toshiba's new battery-powered television set…

Do you remember the little story we ran some months back about Toshiba releasing two television sets that could reportedly be powered by batteries? You know, the Power TV that was available in both 24-inch and 32-inch display sizes and boasted an uptime on up to two hours on a single charge? Well, leave it to Toshiba to outdo itself once again by launching yet another battery-powered television set in Japan to help its citizens live through the unpredictable power outages caused by the recent earthquake: the REGZA 19P2.

While the earlier versions of Toshiba's battery-powered television sets were capable of lasting up to two hours, the new REGZA 19P2 probably sets the record as far as uptime is concerned, being reportedly capable of staying operational for up to five hours on a single charge. Of course, to have a television set last that long under nothing more than battery power, the Japanese company clearly had to made a little compromise here and there. Unlike its earlier television sets which were available in 24-inch and 32-inch display sizes, the REGZA 19P2 sports a 19-inch display which features a not-so-impressive native resolution of 1366 x 768. However, it retains the same LED backlighting found in the aforementioned television sets.

What sets the REGZA 19P2 apart from its predecessors, however, stems from the fact that Toshiba has designed the television set and its accompanying accessories in such a way that they can be considered to be almost completely autonomous from the power grid. For one, the REGZA 19P2 comes bundled with a One-seg TV tuner which boasts a built-in antenna. In fact, Toshiba claims that users can expect to experience up to a maximum of three hours of battery uptime on the REGZA 19P2 if used in conjunction with the TV tuner.

In addition, Toshiba claims that users can easily switch the REGZA 19P2 to operate with either AC and battery power from the comfort of the bundled remote control at the flick of a single button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Interested? Well, we'd hate to be a wet blanket, but it appears that the REGZA 19P2 is currently exclusive to the Japanese domestic market at the time this article is published, and Toshiba's official press release makes no mention as to whether the company will consider releasing the REGZA 19P2 for sale globally. Looks like we can only wait and see if Toshiba will change its mind in time.

Source: Toshiba Japan